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​​Our Story

Pastors Serving The New Home MBC (1884-present)

Rev. Joe Leonard

Rev. Joe McKinney 

Rev. Milton Lyles

Rev. Allen Moore

Rev. Snowden

Rev. E. T. Simpson

Rev. Lipscomb

Rev. Parnell

Rev. Massengale (?-1938)

Rev. Cole (1940-1942)

Rev. E. A. Boone (1943-1970)

Rev. M. E. Robinson (1972-1978)

Rev. Lathonia Wright (1979-1989)

Rev. Roger Lynch (1990-1992)

Rev. Eddie Pope (1993-1998)

Rev. Lorenzo Caldwell (1998-2009)

Rev. Christopher Todd (2010-2023)

This history describes the churches and/or sanctuaries in which the members of this, The New Home Missionary Baptist Church, have worshipped and praised God in. It is our hope that you will detect how God has continued to bless this body of believers.


Without a doubt, when Jesus spoke to Peter and said, “On this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” The New Home Missionary Baptist Church was in the making. Through the years, we have had difficulties and trials and have been attacked by Satan; but, through prayer and by letting God lead us, our doors have never been closed, nor have we had a split in our congregation. Thank God for that.


We are not completely certain, but we believe our first structure was erected in 1884. It was in the form of a Bush Arbor, which were limbs and bushes placed over a wood frame—just something to protect the worshipper from the sun and weather. Later, a log structure was added for maybe a little more stability and protection. The only known minister was Rev. Joe Leonard, who was the first pastor. Although there were other pastors, they are no longer known; the location of this structure is not known, but it was somewhere on the current grounds. The name of the church was Shiloh. Some today may wonder what that used for seating, maybe logs or stumps. This all sounds and is primitive, but the Spirit of these early parishioners was not, because those believers persevered to the extent that they were led to build the second church structure.


This second structure was built out of wood planks and boards. This building faced the west because the wagon dirt road ran to the back of this building. The church was located where the cemetery is now. There were no windows, but shutters that provided the air and light. There were kerosene lamps for light at night or when the shutters were closed. There were no inside restrooms or dining rooms. When food was brought, it was served on the outside under trees on makeshift tables. The heat was a wood burning iron stove. The pews were wide boards for the seating area and the same for the back. Sometimes, you could get splinters in your body because the boards were unfinished. These pews were uncomfortable, but you had to sit there. Music was without musical instruments, nor was there a choir loft. There was no under pinning; it was built on big rocks allowing you to walk under the building. There were many pastors of this second structure; the last two were Rev. Massengale and Rev. Cole.


Rev. Cole was the last pastor while in the second structure and led the members into building the third sanctuary—about 1940. He left before the structure was finished. Rev. Boone was called as pastor in 1942; then the building was completed. The name of the church was changed from Shiloh to “Our New Home.” Later the word “our” was dropped, thus we have New Home.


New Home—1946


This third place of worship was built of cement blocks. There was a deacon who was a mason who built the church along with the help from other men in the church. This third sanctuary had electric lights, gas heat and windows with panes. How blessed we were! The pews were made of stained strips of lumber; the seating section was curved for comfort and the back was made of the same strips. We had a piano, choir and choir loft. We did not have restrooms nor dining room, but later a small area was added just for serving the food; you had to take your plate outside to eat. This building was located just north of our current structure.


Rev. Boone was the only minister to pastor in this third structure. He served as pastor for 27 years. He led us into constructing of our fourth house of worship in 1970. You can see the blessing of which God endowed us to have. However, for the record, here are a few of them: padded seats, tile and carpeted floors, an improved music department, central heating and air system, a dining and fellowship hall, and indoor restrooms. It was in this building that we went from worship once a month to four times a month and finally all Sundays.


Rev. Boone retired from pastoring New Home in 1970. Rev. M. E. Robinson followed Rev. Boone in 1972. Rev. Robinson served for 6 years. He was the pastor who led us into worshiping twice a month. Next Rev. Wright was selected as pastor in 1978; he pastored for 10 years. During this time, he led us into worshipping every Sunday. Afterward, Rev. Lynch became the pastor for two years. Our first van was purchased during his pastorate. Next, Rev. E. Pope served for 5 years. The idea of a new building or remodeling project was introduced during his years here. Next, Rev. L. Caldwell served as the pastor. He kept the idea of a new sanctuary alive; the first plans were drawn during his pastorate.


In 2009, we found ourselves without a pastor. But in 2010, the Lord presented us with our present pastor, Rev. Christopher Todd. Since Pastor Todd and his family’s arrival, we have become instantly motivated through the Word of Christ Jesus. He has challenged us to become better persons in the Word of the Lord. During His first year, a new sign with the church logo was placed outside and a banner was placed inside the church to remind us of our mission. The church also launched a website. Under Pastor Todd’s leadership, many members were taken in by baptism, letter and Christian experience. We enjoy the sound of music from an organ that was purchased during these two years.


Last, but not least, Rev. Todd motivated us to increase our faith in God; with much prayer and Spirit-led vision for this church, we moved forward toward the building of a new sanctuary (2012), completing an idea that had its beginning more than 10 years ago.


Our structures have been made of stronger and stronger materials; from twigs to boards, from boards to block, and from block to brick. The question remains, have we grown stronger in our faith? While each individual must answer that for themselves, both the foundation and future of our church, led by the Lord, looks bright.

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